Thank you for your interest in the Aviation4us virtual course. The Aviation4us course is scheduled to begin January 25, 2023. The course will meet once weekly for 10 weeks for 1.5 hours. The Aviation4us course is priced at $75.00 dollars each session for a total of $750.00. The course Schedule is as follows

  • 1st Week- Introduction and Questions and Answers. FAA Regulations
  • 2nd Week- Aircraft Systems Parts of an airplane, Flight Controls, 3 axis of rotation, 4 aerodynamic forces.
  • 3rd Week- Theories of lift (Bernoulli’s Principle & Newton’s law), Stalls, Wake Turbulence, ground effect and Left turn tendencies.
  • 4th Week- Flight Instruments (Pitot Static instruments) V-Speeds, Types of Altitude, Standard Temperature and Standard Pressure
  • 5th Week- Flight Instruments (Gyro Instruments)
  • 6th week – Airspace and Aviation Charts
  • 7th Week- Procedures and airport operations, Traffic Patterns
  • 8th Week- Communication procedures, Lost procedures, Emergency Procedures, and light gun procedures.
  • 9th Week- Weather & weight and Balance
  • 10th Week- Aircraft Check list
This course doesn’t include actual flight time. If you would also like flight training, that is also available for an additional fee. Discovery Flights are $250.00. Flight training is $225.00 hourly ($175.00 hourly to rent plane, $75.00 hourly for C.F.I)

As a Certified Flight Instructor and an airplane owner I can train you up to your Commercial certificate. Once the 10-week course is complete I will always be available to assist you in any future Aviation endeavors.

Payment: I will send an invoice via your email after the holidays. Payment is required prior to the first session.